Sweet 2016 Freebie : A Printable Day Planner

In a few days, we shall welcome 2016! Yay :)

I can’t think of any better way to kickstart the new year right but by engaging my readers - friends, former students, calligraphy and design enthusiasts alike - to commit to a year of staying organized, inspired and thankful. 

Thus, after months of digital dormancy (I'm so sorry ...), I am launching a series of printable planners. The first of which, a DAILY PLANNER, will be made available FREE for download. Here are the features of the day planner.




Mantra: Start Today with a Grateful Heart


I chose to integrate my mantra: Start Today with a Grateful Heart in the design. Most of the time, all we need is the drive to start. And being reminded of how we are incredibly blessed is such a great motivation to begin. 


The Layout


Each page comes with clean lines and lots of white spaces for your daily to-do’s, menu, notes and most especially, gratitude list.


This A5 layout is in a ready-to-print PDF format. You may choose to have two pages printed in a single A4 or letter size paper by choosing “Multiple” pages options in your printer properties. However, should you need more space for your daily to-do’s, you may also print it full size in an A4 paper. There may just be extra spaces on top. 


Time Blocking


Dividing my day into three blocks, “Morning, Afternoon, and Evening”, works best for me instead of having to divide it per hour. This makes the layout more simple and customizable as I can just indicate key time slots myself. 

I recommend listing two to three tasks per block so as to make your day plan as realistic as possible. 



You may choose from any of the three available colors (or you may choose all) and print in any home printer. Let me know should you encounter any problem in the process. I’d be glad to be of help. 

To DOWNLOAD, please click the action button below and fill-out the online form. You shall receive the links to the printable files in a short while. 



I’d love to witness how you make use of this DAY PLANNER. Please tag my instagram account @theartistscientist and post with the hashtags #starttodayplanner


Feel free to post your comments below as well :)


Thanks and have a great and grateful year ahead :)



Rachell de Luna