Fit for Fairytales | Branding Board

Today,  I am officially launching my blog site/website and I am beyond thrilled. 

Fit for Fairytales is a passion project of mine. I have always loved crafts, lettering and designing. I made use of such passion in school projects but the time I pursued engineering as a profession, I found it hard to integrate such into any of my activities.

That was until I got engaged :) The wedding planning process made me rekindle my creative pursuits. I was in awe of all the creatives whom I met through instagram and through popular wedding blogs. Thus, right after getting married, I spent my free time enrolling to online classes in calligraphy, pattern designing, graphic and web designing and a lot more.  

I initially thought of launching a blog dedicated only to wedding styling and  planning. But in the process, I realized how varied my interests are and decided to not limit what I would want to learn and share. Thus, is a reflection of all my creative pursuits. It is both a creative outlet for myself  and a creative resource for my readers. It is a platform wherein  my love for weddings, calligraphy, planning, learning and sharing - all intersect. 

And just like my approach in any web design, wedding monogram or branding project, I want my first step to be about defining and committing to  my site's branding board - a style guide which I can refer to in making every design element and mood of my digital domain. 



Logo Calligraphy by Mica Samar |  Inspiration Photos from BHLDN, Jaja Lifestyle Photography, Sandra Manton Mills. 

I have always been drawn to clean, bright and crisp visuals :) My aesthetics and persuasions reflect my love for clean designs, white spaces and pops of pastels 😊 Thus, the branding board with happy hues of blue, pink and saffron 😊 

Of course my blog logo, designed by the talented Mica Samar, is in the branding board too 😊 I also indicated logo variations which may be used as watermark, profile photo or favicon. Calligraphy is my primary passion and my future posts will almost always incorporate calligraphed elements. Thus, my calligraphed logo with flourished crown and flowers.

In the branding board, I also indicated the main fonts that I will use. I chose Futura and Proxima Nova primarily because I think san serif fonts which are simple and readable  shall balance my freehand flourishes here and there 😊

I hope that my branding board gives you a glimpse of my personality and aesthetics. I encourage you to build one for your brand too! 

So, welcome to - my creative outlet and happy place. I'm hoping that it'll be a resource to inspire you and pursue your creative goals! 

Logo Calligraphy by Mica Samar |  Inspiration Photos from BHLDNJaja Lifestyle PhotographySandra Manton Mills.