Build your Own Calligraphy Kit


I’ve been receiving a number of inquiries on when willmy next calligraphy workshop be. As much as I enjoy holding workshops and inspiring budding enthusiasts, my schedule might not permit me to have one until  next year. 


Thus, the idea of Fab and Freehand Online.


I shall organize and post Fab and Freehand Lessons for free here in my website and on my instagram account. How cool does that sound to you? 


I’ll try to post a new lesson once every two weeks. Please let me know of your comments and suggestions,  please? Those will truly  help me improve the quality of my virtual teaching skills.



Fab & Freehand Online Lesson 1: Build Your Own Calligraphy Kit


And so, here is a rundown of the most basic (of all) calligraphy kit that I can come-up with.  To all of those who just want to try and learn calligraphy from scratch, this is the (most) basic kit that I recommend you buying.


 I won’t suggest you to “invest” much as you start. This kit will cost you  less than PhP 300 or so.  I thoughtfully chose materials which you might already have in your existing art kit.  Most enthusiasts get too excited and end up hoarding materials which they will hardly use in the future.



1. Any Pencil/ Fine Point Pen /Fine liners

Faux (Fake)  Calligraphy  is my way of introducing my students to Dip Pen Calligraphy.  You may grab any pencil, fine point pen ( I love @mujiph pens) or fine liners (Uni or Micron)


2.  Size 2 or 4 Synthetic Brush

The most commonly used type of brush is the ROUND BRUSH. It comes in different sizes: the small the brush number, the smaller the bristles.  I buy my supply from the nearest National Book Store ( Berkeley is a good brand).  You may also buy online from The Craft Central here,



3.  Speedball Oblique Pen Holder

To dive into dip pen calligraphy, you need a pen holder to attach the pointed nib to. The cheapest yet beginner-friendly option ( one which I use up to now) is the Speedball Oblique Pen Holder.  I’ll touch on how to use this pen holder in the succeeding Fab & Freehand Online Lessons. But for now, you may buy this  online via Pens Galore, The Craft Central, Swirls and Strokes or DipNBrush.  For those abroad, you may purchase from Paper Ink Arts.



4. Nikko G Nib

Pointed Nibs are flexible enough to create thick and thin lines depending on the amount of pressure that you exert while writing.

Nibs come in different kinds but medium-flex nibs like Nikko G are themost recommended for beginners.


Where to buy: online via Pens Galore, The Craft Central, Swirls and Strokes or DipNBrush.  For those abroad, you may purchase from Paper Ink Arts.


5. Watercolor Tube

As I want you to start with materials which you need not buy, we can use any watercolor tube that you might have.  Adding a few drops of water will instantly turn your unused gouache/watercolor to a calligraphy ink.



6. Small Plastic Container

Any small plastic container will do. You just need a container where you  can mix and store our watercolour turner calligraphy ink. 


7. Blue Feather/Muji Notebook/Laser Printer Paper



8. Watercolor Paper


Rachell de Luna