The invitations are your guests' first impression of your wedding! Given the opportunity to design your invitation, my goal is for the design to perfectly reflect the style and spirit of the celebration. 

Your answers to this wedding questionnaire would be of huge help in heading me towards the right direction of the design process. 



Groom's Full Name *
Groom's Full Name
Bride's Full Name *
Bride's Full Name
e.g grand, formal, elegant, romantic, classic, vintage, relaxed, intimate, casual, festive, off beat, rustic, vineyard, beach et al
e.g. soft pastels, earth tones, metallics, neutrals, mostly white, bright and bold, black with accent
Optional e.g. travel buddies, coffee lovers, a specific movie, dream destination, a specific hobby et al
Please provide the link to photos that you pinned for your wedding. This includes, bridesmaid dresses, flowers, favours, bride's gown, floral arrangement et al. Should you have multiple links, please copy such in the the text area that follows
Should you have multiple links for your wedding styles, please list such in the field below.
Indicate your budget per piece
When do you intend to distribute the invitations? *
When do you intend to distribute the invitations?



Theme and Inspirations
e.g. formal, traditional, floral, cutesy, creative, organic, elegant, casual, vintage, classic, et al
e.g. rose, cherry blossoms, any flower, Eiffel Tower, Tiffany & Co Box, coffee et al
This is optional. You may provide links to other photos/websites thru the text area below
Provide links to photos/websites that serve as your inspiration for your invitation
e.g. Fully hand-lettered, mix of serif and calligraphy, elegant, flourished, clean and easy to read
Provide URL Links to photos or websites
Which monograms do you want designed?
Check all that applies
Provide URL links to photos or websites with your monogram inspirations
Indicate other elements that you want in your wedding monogram e.g. wreaths, flowers, laurels
Which cards do you need designs of?
Check all that applies. Parts may be combined in one card.
Day-of Stationery Needs *
Check all that applies
Other Design Needs? e.g. favors, tote bags, stamps, et al
Printing and Assembly
If you have other specific kind of paper in mind, please indicate specs
Choose Printing Style for Main Invitation
Choose the lay-out that you want for the main invitation card
If you have a specific size in mind, please provide dimensions in inches
Entourage Card
Choose Printing Style for Entourage Card
Choose the lay-out that you want for the entourage card
Is the size same with the main invitation card?
If no, enter specific dimensions in inches
Choose header for the entourage card. This will be written in calligraphy
Other header in mind? Please indicate below
Attire Card
What would you advise your guests to wear? Choose the term that shall exactly appear on attire card
Do you have other preferred terms to indicate formality?
e.g Coat and Tie, Black Shoes, et al
e.g. Long Gown, Cocktail Dress, et al
Do you want to ask your guests to choose an attire which matches your color palette?
e.g. wear comfortable shoes, flat shoes, any specific color?
Choose the header which will be written in calligraphy
Other header in mind for the Attire Card? Please indicate below.
Choose the printing style for your attire card
Will the attire card be combined with the RSVP information?
Indicate the size of your Attire Card. Dimensions in inches.
Choose the header which will be written in calligraphy
Other suggestions for the header?
Choose which header to be written in calligraphy
Give 3 to 5 landmarks on the way to the venues
Do you have other things which you would like me to know?
Please indicate other things that you would like me to know regarding the design of your invitation
I shall send a separate questionnaire to get your inputs for the content. I'll also send some guideline on wording your invitation.
When do you need the final design? *
When do you need the final design?